Saturday, 1 November 2008


On tuesday I made sushi with some people, we all ended up wearing gloves made of rice  and now know vaguely how to make sushi. We had a nice time together.


David Bailey said...

ooh wee, these look good! i've been meaning to try making sushi for like a year, i even bought a book from the works. not that i've read it. i'm delaying the inevitable.

hope you're having a spicy time in glasgo! xo

han said...

delisushious! julia my love! good to find you alive and making! how would i love to share a piece of the glaswegian maki!

how areyou love? knowing this is not the right place to catch up: drop me a line! lets try and email!

hoping you are well and settling in good in the lovely town of glasgow!